Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Who What, When, Where...

Who - that's us, and YOU! This is your invitation to let us know who you are, what you write, where you live (if you want) and give us your credit card number...Okay, just kidding about the credit card!
Just introduce yourself in the post that says Introduce Yourself.

What - Here's how we'll run the blog:

Mission Impossible Mondays -
Share your struggles. What are you wrestling with in your writing life or personal life? How can we pray for you?
Let's lift those concerns to the Father and watch Mission Impossible become Mission Accomplished!

Tuesday Tidbits -
Writing related articles, tips, publishing/agent info. Anything goes. If you want something discussed, email me or one of the other contributors.

Wednesday Wonders -
Today we're going to praise God for the great things He's doing in our lives! And if you're not seeing any great things, we're going to praise Him for the great things to come!

Thursday News 'N' Views -
Got an upcoming conference you want us to know about? A writing contest? A book review to share? Today is the day!

Friday Free For All -
Whatever you want. Brainstorm, send in the first paragraph of your wip, share a poem or scripture passage that's inspired you. Give us your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Tell us about your dog. We don't care, just share!

When: Monday - Friday
Where: Right Here.

Let the games begin...

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Story and Logic Media Group said...

Thanks for the invite. I think this sounds like a place I'll want to visit often.