Saturday, October 27, 2007

What we think we don't need

Yes, I know it's Saturday and technically we're resting here at Writers' Rest on the weekends, but I just had to post something anyway. :-)

I'm under deadline for my devotional book and planned to get in a good bit of quality writing time last night and today. Then I started feeling ratty around suppertime last night, spent most of the evening on the couch and collapsed in bed by 9. So much for a productive night! I felt guilty for being a slug, but just couldn't make myself sit at the computer and string coherent thoughts together.

Then today rolled around, bright and beautiful. My husband had a breakfast and work time at church, so the kids and I had a pow-wow. They're old enough now to understand when I really have to buckle down and work, so I told them that's what I really needed to do this morning. God was with us, because they played nicely together and managed to not really interrupt me for almost 2 hours. And when that happens with my kids (who are 6 and 8), God is definitely involved! :-)

As I prayed before starting to work, I realized how rested and ready I was. I didn't feel sleep deprived (for once!) and just knew that the words were about to flow. Our God is so good! I've been focusing on Scripture verses and devotionals and jounaling activities. Most of all, I've been focusing on the ever-looming deadline. But God was focusing on ME, and what I needed -- namely, rest.

It's such a privilege to have His words burning in my heart to share with the world. It's so refreshing to know that when I'm worried about the writing, He's more worried about the writer.

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