Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A bowed head prevents a stiff neck

Do you pray before your write? Do you praise before you write?

These questions recently went through my head as the result of a recent online conversation of American Christian Fiction Writers.

Unfortunately, I've neglected to do both, far more than I care to remember. Yet it's only through prayer and praise that we will ever truly find success, not in the world's eyes, but God's eyes. Through prayer we humble our hearts before Him acknowledging that we can't do it without Him, and through praise, we humble our hearts before him acknowledging that we didn't do it without Him. (Like we did it at all!) Both bring us closer to him...and after all, that should be the primary purpose behind everything we do, including our writing.

Today I will praise God...for the beautiful fall colors that the Michigan weather brings. For the life and friendship of my grandmother, who passed away 10 years ago today. And for my many online friends that compose my writing community.

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Betsy St. Amant said...

Great post, Janice! Thanks for sharing your heart today. Wonderful reminders!