Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Introduce Yourself!

Okay, I'll start!
I'm Cath or Cathy or Hey You! Whatever...I answer to pretty much anything as long as it involves money or chocolate.
I live in Bermuda. Yes, I was blessed to have been born and raised there, and my hubby of 21 years have been back here since 1993 with our two wonderful kids. One has just started college, the other has three more years of high school.

I'm a domestic engineer and I write Women's Fiction. I am not yet published, but I'm sure working hard at getting there!
I love writing and my dream is to be able to make it a career. I have been patient thus far and still pray it will happen, but
only if it is God's will for me at this time.

I'm a proud member of American Christian Fiction Writers. I would not be where I am today in my writing journey were it
not for this wonderful group of people.

I look forward to hanging out with you all and getting to know you better!


Mindy Obenhaus said...

Hey, Cathy! Now I can keep tabs on what you're up to. Hehehe.

Dineen A. Miller said...

Nice kick-off, ladies! Sounds like a fun week. Oh, and tell Betsy I need more apples. ;-)

Annette M. Irby said...

This is such a great idea, ladies! Great way to kick off, too. And I love the blog's title: Writer's Rest.

:) Annette

Catherine West said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone!
If you would like to link to us, just let us know!

Pattie said...

Nice blog! I'm Pattie, and I am also a proud ACFW member. I struggle with discipline to get everything done with online commitments and writing and my family and and and and.... LOL

LaShaunda said...

Hi Cathy,

I could use a trip to Bermuda right about now.

Thanks for the invite.

I'm LaShaunda, I live in St. Louis, MO. I'm a member of ACFW. I blog and the editor of SORMAG an online magazine. I write contemporary and historical Christian fiction. I'm always looking for authors to promote.

Betsy St. Amant said...

Dineen, a shipment of apples is headed your way!! lol =P

Donna J. Shepherd said...

Very good idea. Thanks for the invite! I'll link to you right now on the Devotionals by Donna blog. It's nice to have a place of rest and encouragement.

Anna Dynowski said...

Hi there. I'm Anna Dynowski and thanks for the invite. Sounds like a great place to be. I'll link back with you.

I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband of 23 years and our cat, Misha. I write Inspirational Romance and have two books published, with another coming out next month.

I'm looking forward to "meeting" everyone.