Friday, August 26, 2011


By Molly Noble Bull

Ever wondered if your writing style was like that of a famous fiction author? Read on, to find out. 
An interesting article on writing styles at Steve Laube’s website tells exactly how to find your writing style twin, and it turns out that mine is Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind. In fact, I took the test twice, and Mitchell’s name came up both times.    
Before you play the game, choose a couple of paragraphs as an example of your best writing from one of your manuscripts and prepare to cut and paste it to the game board. Or simply write a paragraph or two from scratch in the space provided.
When you are ready to play the game, click onto the web address below.
When you have finished, please leave a comment at the end of this article and let us know the name of your writing style twin. 

I write like
Margaret Mitchell
I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

I played the game again, using a different novel, and I have another twin. Read on to learn his or her name. 
The envelope, please.
And winner is
Stephen King.


Molly Noble Bull  

I could not end this article without giving you a blessing. Click below, turn on your sound button, and you will have one.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

African-American Books By Cecelia Dowdy

Posted by Cecelia Dowdy

Do you read books by African-American (AA) authors?

Many African-Americans will only read books by AA authors. Also, most bookstores have a separate section for AA books.

While I was growing up, there were few AA authors, so I read ANY NOVEL that I could find, the race of the author didn't matter to me! I was joyous when the publishing scene exploded with lots of AA books (I was an adult by this time.)

My question to all of you is, if you are NOT African-American, do you mind reading African-American fiction? Do you feel that AA books are only written for other African-Americans? If you go to a bookstore, and see the AA section, would you go to that section and browse, or do you feel that those books are only for AA readers?

And if you are AA, do you ONLY read books by AA authors, or do you read books by people of all races? Over the years, I've met several African-Americans who tell me that they'll only read AA authors.

I'll start by responding to my own question. If you've visited my blog, you'll probably already know my answer. I'll read a novel as long as it's well-written and enjoyable. I don't care if the author or characters are AA or not, I'm gonna read the book regardless. If I don't like it, I won't finish reading it!

I doubt that God would want us to separate our reading tastes like this. I'd think he'd want us to be open-minded and read books by authors of all races.

Leave your responses in the comments! :-)

~Cecelia Dowdy~

Friday, August 19, 2011

What would you do with a little ME time?

by Teresa Slack

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this busy. I’ve gone back to work full-time, have put over 700 miles on my car in the last 4 days, am filling orders and coordinating 6 parties along with my own open house for my budding Scentsy business, and trying to order tuxes and plan a rehearsal dinner for my son’s wedding which takes place in less than 3 weeks.

Oh, yeah, and I’m trying to prepare for the ACFW conference. I don’t remember my flight plans or the classes I’m taking or even what day the conference starts. Forget about preparing pitches and finishing my current manuscript in time.

There are probably writers out there just like me facing similar challenges and feeling a little overwhelmed and out of their league. So I thought it might be fun to play a game this week. Imagine if you will a solid day of nothing to do but what you want. No laundry. No husband wanting dinner and clean underwear. No kids needing a ride anywhere. No dogs to walk. No committee at church wanting to know when you’ll finish the project you were gently railroaded into volunteering for.

Twenty-four hours of unadulterated ME time.

What would you do with it?

My gut answer is take a nap, but that’s because it’s 8:30 p.m. and my feet hurt and I’ve been up since five. A nap is almost a waste of ME time. What do you really have to show for it? So come on, everyone. Chime in and give me some ideas in case I get a day like that…sometime after my son’s wedding and I’m back from conference.

A trip to the library sounds nice. I'd love to browse the shelves for an hour or two and chat with the wonderful ladies who work there and get me like few others do. I might stop at a dairy bar—remember those?—and order a foot long hotdog, onion rings, and a large milkshake without worrying about calories and fat grams. Maybe I’d get my nails done. I love the way they make me feel but can never justify the cost. After that, I might come home and sit under the maple tree in my front yard and read some of the guilty pleasure books I got at the library. More than likely, I’d follow it all up with a nap.

So what would you do with a little ME time? You know you deserve it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


And regular folks, too

By Molly Noble Bull

                                      There is a place of quiet rest 

For me, Heaven was once a scary place because in order to go there, one must die. But books like Heaven Is for Real by Todd Burpro and others made God’s dwelling place more real to me. Now, the fear is gone—replaced by excitement and great joy.
According to the scriptures, animals will be in Heaven. In fact, Jesus and his saints will return to earth one day riding white horses. As a cowgirl or sorts, I look forward to mounting up and riding a white horse—with Jesus leading the way.  
Heaven is described in the Bible as a place of beauty and quiet rest. Best of all, God the Father is real, and He will be there. Click below and take a short video tour of Heaven straight from the Holy Scriptures.

Earth is a wonderful place to those who love the Lord because God’s Holy Spirit is in them. But Heaven is far better. I believe that once you have seen the video and studied the scripture verses noted in it, all fear of death will disappear, and you will be eager to go there when your days on earth finally end. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

HOUSE CHURCH -- What is it?


by Molly Noble Bull  

To understand what a house church is, you must first know what a church is.  

I will give you a hint. It’s not a building or a denomination. The church is people who sometimes worship in a church building. Other churches worship in homes—thus House Church or Home Church. Click below to see exactly what I mean.
Below are more videos that define a House Church. Then scroll down and read House Church 2 about the House Church that I attend.  
Warning signs to watch for  

NBC news on house church
Chuck Messler on House Church

Friday, August 12, 2011



                             This photo was taken in around 1900.

Article by Molly Noble Bull

I am sure the term house church means many things to many people. My definition only applies to the house church I attend and my interpretation of that term. So let us begin. 
I have always been pro-life, and after Roe vs. Wade made abortion the law of the land, I read in a national magazine that the denominational church I was raised in went along with the right-to-choose abortion format. Since I knew from the Book of Jeremiah chapter one and verse five that human life begins at conception, I also knew I must leave the church of my childhood and early adulthood and find a Bible-Believing church. As a result, I became a fundamentalist, and I thank God for that fundamentalists’ denomination for teaching me more about the Bible. But even there, I saw things in the Bible that didn’t completely jive with the teaching of the church.
Saint Paul said in 1 Corinthians chapter eleven that women should cover their heads when in prayer, and the women of our Bible study group cover their heads during prayer in our House Church. We believe that our tithes and offerings should go directly to the poor and needy and not to pay for the expenses of a church building, and the leaders of our group are employed elsewhere. But until now, I have not revealed to my Christian friends the rest of our beliefs because they are vastly different from the norm within Christian circles. But before I continue, let me make it clear that I love the Lord our God with all my heart and soul and mind, and I try always to love my neighbor as myself. I believe in the virgin birth of Jesus, and the Bible is the only Holy Book I live by. I believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God the Father, and therefore, Jesus is God the Son. Jesus paid for my sins with his blood on a cross nearly two thousand years ago, and Jesus is my Lord, Savior and King. I hope to serve him forever. 
Though we are not Jehovah’s Witnesses, we do not celebrate Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day anymore. To learn why, click below.                   
So now in these end-times, we house church, meaning a group of believers meet weekly in homes instead of in church buildings.
Click and read the article above, and then decide in prayer whether we are right or wrong, regarding these holidays. The Lord has promised to lead us into all truth. However, He also said to test the spirits to see if they are from the Lord. 
I covet your comments.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Food In The Church by Cecelia Dowdy

Food In The Church by Cecelia Dowdy

Do you remember the events at your church (both past and present) that involved food? If so, what were your favorite dishes?

Growing up, I don't really recall having many events in my congregation that involved us enjoying food. I grew up a Jehovah's Witness and at the congregation where my family attended, I only remember a couple of picnics with hot dogs and hamburgers - there may have been other JW food events, and it's possible that it's escaped my memory, that was so long ago. These JW events were never at the place of worship, but usually at a park.

Later, as an adult, I initially joined an AME church and they served us spaghetti on the day that they hosted the New Member Class. I recall, I thought the spaghetti was just okay and the church ladies prepared it in the church kitchen in the basement. The AME church also sponsored an annual picnic every fall. I only attended this picnic one time and it was catered. The food was just okay. I recall eating a hamburger, hot dog, and baked beans.

Later on, right before we got married, my husband and I joined a Baptist church - we still attend this church. The only food event that our church sponsors each year, which we attend, is their annual picnic. Like the AME church mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Baptist church picnic is catered. We didn't enjoy the food much this year - the burgers were underdone. I hate seeing pink meat in my burger.

What's the point of this blog post? Well, over the years when I've had conversations with people, they'll sometimes reminisce about church/pot luck suppers sponsored by their church. They'll also recall certain dishes prepared by the parishioners that were their favorites. Usually it was a favorite dessert (pie, cake or cookies), or a favorite casserole dish. I've never had this kind of experience within the church and I wondered if any of you blog readers have? Also, on my other blog, I enjoy talking about food occasionally and I've also shared recipes.

So, do you remember any favorite church events, past or present, that involved food? What kind of event was it? What were your favorite dishes? Were any of these events catered, or did the parishioners provide the food?

Leave your responses in the comments!

~Cecelia Dowdy~

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Be anxious for nothing--Write On

posted by Teresa Slack
Last week word came down that Heartsong Presents was ceasing publication on its book club selections. Aspiring authors everywhere groaned a collective sigh of despair. How could this be? Heartsong had launched the careers of countless authors who began writing for this line. If Heartsong was no longer publishing short novels, what would be the next to go? Was there any chance left for writers hoping to get their foot in a door that closes a little tighter each year?

I was among those despairing authors. I watched the threads in my writing groups as authors discussed what this meant for the future of publishing, especially among the romance genres.

The next morning though, the Lord had a special word of encouragement I’d like to share here. During my devotional, meditative time—which often ends in me whining about how unfair this business can be, and how it robs writers of their passion and dreams—the Lord told me to stop worrying about things I can’t control or change.

A sweet still voice whispered in my spirit; “Daughter, be obedient. Write the stories I’ve put on your heart, and let me worry about market changes and the economy.”

I was so heartened by these simple words. I don’t often post to many of the writing threads. But I was burdened to share these words with other writers, who like me, wonder how they’ll ever get another publishing contract when so many doors in the business are closing.

Regardless of how things look to our natural eye, God is in control. If he gave you a gift or calling—and I believe he has done so for every person on the planet—be obedient to that gift. Use it to bless others and God will work out the details.

Happy writing.