Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Backkkkkkkk

by Molly Noble Bull

I’ve been involved with family matters for over a month—sickness, babysitting a grandchild, writing, etc. Now that I’m back, I would like to give this blog a new focus.
As writers, we still need rest. Christians do too. I hope you will always find rest while remembering that only Jesus can give us true rest. I will still write book interviews and book and movie reviews, but I will also include articles that I hope will be of interest to you in these end-times.
So, let us begin.
Before I was saved, I didn’t read the Bible at all, but afterward, I read those scriptures of interest to me. I am very interested in Bible prophecy; so I read mostly the first five books of the Bible, the Major and Minor Prophets, the Psalms and the Book of Revelation. Later, the Lord reminded me that the Children of Israel were told to eat the whole Passover Lamb—all of it—and not merely those cuts of the meat they particularly liked. Suddenly, I realized that I hadn’t read the New Testament is much as a Christian should.
Since then, I read the entire Bible—from Genesis to Revelation—including all the dots and tittles.
Yes, I even read all those begets and begets. I might not be able to pronounce all the names mentioned in those scriptures, but I always try to do my best.
Normally, I only read one chapter a night. Yep, just one.
Therefore, I don’t read the Bible in one year. You are probably wondering why.
For me, only reading one chapter a night gives me time to meditate on what I’ve read—think about what I read—listen to see if the Lord has insights he wants me to learn regarding that chapter.
And how long does it take me to read the entire Bible that way? Years.
But once I complete the entire Bible, I start reading it again the next night or as soon after that as I can. When I miss a night, I try to catch up later by reading several chapters per night.
Idolatry is a sin that most Christians know little about. Yet if I could mention two things that I have discovered from all my readings it is that God hates Idolatry, and He also hates it when we put other gods before Him.
To learn more, read the Ten Commandments, especially commandments one and two.
(See Exodus 20 1-17) I will have more to say on this topic in later blogs.
Currently, I am reading in the Book of Ezekiel. If you haven’t read the first chapter of Ezekiel, you should. It’s super interesting, describing a chariot that the Lord rides around in.
Tonight, I will be reading Chapter 16. It would be great if you decided to read one chapter a night with me, and if you do, please leave a comment to let me know.
Here is my schedule until the end of the month. Jump in any time.
Book of Ezekiel
Tuesday (June 15, 2010) -- Ezekiel, Chapter 16
Wednesday (June 16, 2010) -- Ezekiel, Chapter 17
Thursday (June 17, 2010) -- Chapter 18
Friday (June 18th) -- Chapter 19
Saturday (June 19th) -- Chapter 20
Sunday (June 20th) -- Chapter 21
Monday ( June 21st) -- Chapter 22
Tuesday (June 22nd) -- Chapter 23
Wednesday (June 23rd) -- Chapter 24
Thursday (June 24th) -- Chapter 25
Friday ( June 25th) -- Chapter 26
Saturday (June 26th) -- Chapter 27
Sunday (June 27th) -- Chapter 28
Monday (June 28th) -- Chapter 29
Tuesday (June 29th) -- Chapter 30
Wednesday (June 30th) -- Chapter 31
*Thursday (July 1, 2010) -- Chapter 32