Monday, November 24, 2014

A MIRACLE -- Really and Truly

By Molly Noble Bull

Good morning.
Today is November 24, 2014, and this morning I clicked on The Jerusalem Report and found The Spot Report inside. I love the spot reports because they are always so insightful. But lately, every time I click on these reports from Jerusalem, the sound won't work, making it impossible to hear the report.
The problem was never caused by my computer sound system. The sound worked with other clicks. Only the Spot Report clicks wouldn't work.
But Praise God, THIS morning when the Spot Report came in, I refused to fret about it as I normally do. Instead, I cried out to the Lord in prayer in the name of Jesus, asking Him to make the Spot Report work so I could hear it.
And guess what? The sound worked perfectly. Honest. 
Miracle? I think so. 
Not only that, but when the report ended, there was a place to click on, So now, I am able to hear some if not all of the Spot Reports I missed.
God is good—all the time, and He answers prayer.
Go to YouTube. Write in Dr. James Hutchens - November 23, 2014.
The video is about the End times.