Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another introduction...

Angela Breidenbach (Angie) is a multi-published award winning author/speaker. She is a member of the ACFW, RWA (and several sub-chapters), volunteer for ACFW Conference Planning Committee, a Stephen Minister, and a candidate for Mrs. Montana America.

Ah heck, let's go to first person since I'm learning how to write it in fiction...I'm married with a combined family of 6 (yep, Leigh we're tied-and I used to homeschool) and live in Montana. The kids all feel it is their sovereign duty to continue to bring home all the pets they can find to fill our 2 acres in the country. To date, we have 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 horses. We've managed to make one of the kids take his fish, another take her birds, and yet another take his puppy and 2 kittens as they moved out.

I love to write devotionals, non-fiction, and women's inspirational fiction. I love to do inspirational public speaking. I'm working on building my speaking career as we "speak" by talking to groups locally and entering the Mrs. Montana America Pageant.

Interesting tidbits, hmm, I am a synchronized swimmer and assistant coach, Assistant Minister (liturgist/cantor) at my church, Past President of my Toastmaster's club, and a heating business owner. My kids range from 16-23 and we are adding a Japanese exchange student to our high school menagerie this year.

What do I hate? Coconut and fish.
What do I love? Music, good books, great food, cats, chocolate, and travel.
Favorite color? (My son says this is a necessary part) Periwinkle blue.
Why do I write/speak? I can't help myself! I believe I am called to this field.

What's an Awe Attack? When I am struck by the beauty or wonder of something God has created, I mention how amazing it is, and my hubby says, "Are you having another awe attack?"

What am I passionate about? Supporting family members of the mentally ill, helping abused women get safe and learn skills to protect and support themselves, and promoting Montana. I believe that all the experiences we go through create a unique opportunity for God to work through each of us in His plan. It's our brokenness that makes us able to help others.

How would I put all this into 4 words? God Uses Broken Vessels.
And that brings me to: How would I read more or connect more with Angie?
So glad you asked... :-D

PS I am also passionate about travel because it opens our minds and hearts to the people and places God created. My motto: Designer dreams not designer jeans.

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