Monday, October 29, 2007

Good Intentions

Ugh. It’s Monday.

I suspect that this morning, millions of snooze buttons are being pummeled, a bazillion groans are being emitted and oodles of covers are being pulled over heads. Anything to prolong the agony of facing a brand new work week.

But not me. I love Mondays. It’s true! And it’s not only because it’s my day off and the kids are back to school and I have the house to myself for the day (what writer doesn’t relish that silence?).

I love Mondays because I have the whole week ahead of me in which I will make huge progress on my novel. I will write my little heart out….10,000 words, minimum, by Friday. I will develop blisters on my fingertips from all the writing I will do.

I am novelist. Hear me type!

Unfortunately, my intentions will probably fall a little short. And I will blame it on the laundry, message board forums, and the new fall television season.

And then on Friday, when serotonin levels all over the nation are skyrocketing, I will likely be sulking when I look at my weekly word count and realize I have only typed 1,000 words—nowhere near the 10,000 I projected. And I will berate myself for failing. Again.

So today is Mission Impossible Monday. And we all know that God is the God of the impossible. But as cool as it would be for Him to pinky-pin me to my computer chair and force me to write my book, He normally doesn’t work that way. I will need to decide to stick my buns in that chair and write. Not just intend on doing it. But do it.

I know. Bummer, right?

Proverbs 12:11 says, “Hard work means prosperity; only fools idle away their time.” (NLT)


I suppose I could reread this verse to say, “Actually sitting down to write my book will get my book finished (and hopefully published!). But wasting time with unimportant distractions that take me away from writing…well, um, I guess that would make me a— gulp—fool. Not to mention, keep me an unpublished novelist.”

Double yikes.

I recently heard the saying, “God won’t do anything for you that you can’t do yourself.” I suppose it wouldn’t do much good, then, to request prayer for pages in my novel to get supernaturally written this week (but I bet those pages would score well in the Genesis contest!). But it might help to ask God to give me a little extra discipline and focus and a little less propensity for distraction and procrastination.

And if CSI is a repeat this week, that will help too.

So what about you? Do you need an extra dose of discipline? Are you like me and want to actually reach a goal this week instead of just setting one and falling short? It IS possible, you know.

Would you care to join me in praying for a little more focus this week?

Heavenly Father, forgive me for idling away my time. Help me to focus my thoughts and actions in the right direction today. As I begin a new week, show me how to manage my days so I can finish the things you want me to do and toss aside the unimportant things that get in the way of achieving my goals. May everything I do honor and glorify You and bring me closer to fulfilling the possibilities and purpose You have for my life.

In Jesus’ precious name,


Throw those covers back. Replace that groan with a shout of praise. It’s Monday -- there’s a possibility with your name on it! Maybe even 10,000 words by Friday!


Leigh said...

I read this on Monday, Lynda, but didn't have a chance to comment. Starting the day or week with focus is what I need anytime, but especially this week. Overlapping deadlines, 2 field trips with the kids, writing that has to be done, writing that I want to do ... I desperately need focus! It's one of the main things I usually pray for before I write -- focus, inspiration, and the ability to block out all those other distractions rattling around in my brain.

I hope you have a blessedly focused week too! :-)

Unknown said...

I just sent an email to a friend about this exact subject. Thank you for the prayer and encouragement! I have been praying a similar prayer often. It felt so good to pray with someone else.