Sunday, November 2, 2008

Good Dinner and Good Conversation

Tonight I was given a gift. A gift of friends and family that loved my cooking and expressed it with gusto! They loved each other and showed it. Our table was full and so was my heart.

We had lots to talk about and plans to make. Ideas and laughter flowed freely.

Oh how I'd missed having my kids together. That they brought their friends was even sweeter. They were proud to bring a friend to have a home cooked meal.

They joy was almost too big to hold.

One young man will be going into the Navy Seal training. Another young woman moved out on her own last summer and needed a hot meal to break up long work days. Another young man was just happy to be a part of the group and build friends. Two more young men were so excited for the Chicken Lasagna because they'd had this dish before. (I think they have ESP for when I make it, lol.) Of course, we passed around my new little grandson to eager arms!

Each person had a different reason for being there. It's a lot like writing genres. We're there for the same meal, but we experience it from a different filter.

The biggest surprise of all was that 5 of the people who came were unexpected blessings. The sheer bliss they displayed during dinner will carry me for the next week!

Next week, we travel next door for a Thanksgiving meal made by two bachelors. They want to host Family Dinner.

That means I'll get to rest and enjoy the meal without the preparation. Hmm, I think I lucked out on this one.

Unexpected blessings come in plain wrappings. A small baby, a new friend and especially someone who loves my cooking!

What makes your heart full?

What unexpected blessing happened recently?


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