Sunday, November 16, 2008


A week's worth of prep and financial management classes have left me exhausted. But we leave right from Seattle (where I'm at now as I write) to go pick up furniture from a graduating college kiddo. We drove out here from Montana to go to these classes and take back the furniture.

UGH! I'd say I've never been so tired, but I have.

It's really hard to keep writing towards my goal of finishing Insanity Rules by Nov. 30th. I just realized the two biggest hurdles. They are that I've been in the wrong side of my brain and exhaustion.

So as I prepare this post, I've stopped trying to up my word count on the book and determined the smartest thing for me to do is sleep. I won't get much, and that's why calling it good is the best decision.

I have to say thought, it's hard to let go of writing. It's the first time all week that I've been in a quiet place. But it has to be. My creativity dried up and needs to be refreshed. So refresh I will.

And in the morning, after the last business meeting, I'll try writing in the truck.

I'll keep trying. How about you?

Are you at a point to realize you may need to switch gears?

How will you do that?


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