Sunday, November 23, 2008

Family Dinners

We've been enjoying family dinners on Sunday nights for several years now. Our adult and college age kids come home and bring friends. We just take a short time to connect.

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with the amount of people I feed on any given Sunday. But on nights like tonight, I sure missed them.

Unusual circumstances had us short several people. It was still a lovely dinner and conversation time. But it's amazing how I've grown accustomed to this tradition.

I love when they are all here. Then I love the quiet when they all leave. I sit and rest in the satisfaction of a full stomach and a full heart.

Some of the meals that help me feed an accordion style meal (one that expands or contracts) to meet the number of mouths are:
Stir Fry of any kind
Lasagnas of any kind
Salads with all sorts of toppings
and breakfast for dinner :-)

All these and more. I just add more frozen vegies and none are the wiser, lol.

One of the reasons I pick from a list like this is that I've gotten so good over the years at expanding to feed just one more friend.

Another is that I've learned to start with simple basic recipes and build on them. 

So here's a trick for Potato/Cheese Soup.
First, buy Bear Creek Potato/Cheese Soup. Add water. Yep, that's all, lol. 
Second, add broccoli to your hearts content. Yep, that's all.
Round out the meal with low fat crescents or crackers and sliced cheese with sliced fresh apples dipped in caramel sauce.

Dinner for 9 was on the table in less than 45 minutes and that was only because 2 were late.

But, alas, 3 called to cancel. And 2 called to join. Quick, do the math. Dinner ended up for 7.

No stress. I just took plates off the table and went on with the meal. Now I have left overs for another meal with no effort except the microwave.

I'm thinking it was a pretty good evening with a simple meal and loved ones. 

I'm also thinking that this is one way to celebrate the rest God commands for Sabbath. Good, simple food served around a table connecting with our loved ones and friends. 

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