Sunday, November 30, 2008

Being Not So Perfect

I'm an Assisting Minister. That means I lead worship through liturgy, response, Psalm and prayer. 

That also means I'm up front and in full view.

That means when I blow it, cover up is not an option.

You guessed it. I blew it today. In fact I blew it so badly that we had to start the liturgy over. Then I started laughing. Not because the first time was so funny . . .

Or the second . . .

But by the time my mind kept repeating the liturgy from a couple of weeks ago over and over again, it was just down right ridiculous!

I can even read music. Or so I thought. :-D

For whatever reason--hmm, I think I know the reason.

Let's just say for a moment that ministers get put on the pedestal a bit too quickly. Then how about I mention that on this tad bit higher spot, it's easy for some people to think only ministers can do such and such correctly.

Well, today I proved that opinion entirely wrong. 

Did you notice that I called it an opinion?

Extremely important word usage here because God doesn't place anyone higher than another. We silly, peevish, selfish human beings do that all by our little selves. We form opinions that lead to beliefs that have nothing to do with reality.

Today I couldn't help flushing from toe to head (in that order) until my cheeks felt as if I stood in front of a roaring fire. I haven't blushed that hard in I don't know how long! I rarely blush as a matter of fact. I'm too used to doing what I do. I'm good at what I do. And sometimes, sometimes, people think I'm a little bit higher than someone else.

You know what?

So glad you asked ;-)

I like being not so perfect. It gives other people the chance to realize that they can do what I do too. It takes that wobbly pedestal away. Being not so perfect allows other people the freedom to realize that you don't have to be perfect or say the right words or even sing the right song to be useful to God.

Blushing is good now and again. It brings me right back down to earth when I get a little too far off the ground. I kind of like being not so perfect.

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Eileen Astels Watson said...

Don't you just love those humbling experiences! They always seem worse than they really are, though!