Sunday, October 5, 2008

Writer Retreats

I am so excited to be planning on the Montana Romance Writer's retreat in a week and a half. These ladies are becoming very close friends who don't even mind when I go off track and write non-fiction on them.

We are cloistering in a mountain cabin with no electricity, phones or any way to be interrupted.

How cool is that?

I can't wait. I did go buy a new back up battery for my laptop. Lol, I have to use Lila, my handy-dandy laptop. Lila was named by my son a few years ago for the lilac brocade bag I carry her around in. And yes, Lila has to be a she :-D I don't think any fellow would like wearing lilac brocade everywhere ;-)

I am looking forward to the intense writing time, the friendships, the brainstorming and getting away from all the normal daily activities.

It's a retreat, yes, but I think it is also a soul rest. So different and so necessary for me. Refreshing and invigorating for my work. My biggest goal for that weekend is to finish my book, Insanity Rules. Okay, that IS my goal, lol. But I'm also looking forward to a few nights of solid sleep. I haven't had many of those in the last several weeks of business travel.

I see myself celebrating finishing the non-fiction book of my heart. I see the goal. And I'm thrilled that I'll be able to share it with other women who can completely understand the heart that has gone into it.

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Catherine West said...

Have fun, Ang! I hope you accomplish much but most of all have time between yourself and God. Sometimes life is just too busy...
A little worried about the no electricity thing though, won't it be cold??

Eileen Astels Watson said...

May this 'retreat' be all you are expecting and more, Angie. It sounds like it will be an awesome experience! Thanks for sharing.