Sunday, October 12, 2008

Peace: Was it a plan from the beginning?

I was watching my new grandson, Jude, sleeping in my arms. He has no power other than his cry. He has no worries other than when he cries. He doesn't concern himself with schedules or work or all those lists. He merely rests until he wakes.

I know I cannot go back to that stage, but maybe I can start practicing the lesson in it.

It seems so hard to slow down and be at peace in the frenetic life we live.

Funny thing, though, when I hold little Jude, the world just slows down. No meetings, business or major issues can pull me away. I think babies, powerless, hold the power to relaxation and peace in all this craziness.

Consider God's thoughts from the beginning of time...He knew he could create human beings in any way he chose. Yet he chose to start us as completely helpless. As infants to be cared for by busy adults.

Is it possible that God uses an infant to reach into frantic adults and swing us back on track? Back toward the purpose he really made us for? Back to an intense focus on caring for others?

I kind of think so. And I'm at peace over that idea.

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Sharon said...

Well said!!Blessings~Sharon

Wendy Love said...

I definitely think that God uses infants that way, and you put it beautifully. I just had my third grandchild... and so this is a fresh experience for me once again. It is like holding God himself...

Eileen Astels Watson said...

This was a beautiful post, Angie! I never thought of our little ones in that way before, but it's so true, babies do ground us! Praise God for that!

Catherine West said...
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Catherine West said...

Congratulations and thanks for sharing the good thoughts as always!

Molly Noble Bull said...

Sweet post. That baby is adorable.