Tuesday, October 14, 2008

As unto the Lord

Right now I'm in a time of harvest. I have many opportunities to write stories I love. My creativity is flowing and life is getting back to normal.

However, as I've walked out this Christian life these last few years I've also learned that I cannot allow my confidence to remain in what I'm seeing now. Things can and do change.

Also, I can't be afraid of the changes that are coming.

As I was thinking about what to blog today I thought about the phrase "As unto the Lord". God tells us to do everything as if we're working for Him. I really think that is the key to not being overly confident in the good times, or being fearful in the bad times. We have to do everything for Him.

By that I don't mean "okay, God. This is yours." What I mean is if you were turning it in to God. If you walked in to work and told your boss you'd do your job "When you got a chance"-how long would you have that job?

I think many times we convince ourselves that God will wait forever on us-that we can put Him off.

But what if I got up tomorrow and I recognized that the creator of the universe has said "Here is your assignment. I'm going to give you the provision. The ability and the opportunity. I need you to work hard on this-be focused. Give me 120% of your efforts and abilities. Then let me multiply them."

How would your day look different? Your week?

If your kids come home tomorrow night and say "The teacher gave me a project. I have to make a paper mache volcano by tomorrow." Would you say "Well, let's sit down and think about the volcano." Then start watching TV. Play online solitaire and answer 27 emails. Then send your child off the next day.


Whether a volcano or studying for a test...you'd have them do it.

Will the pay off be at the moment they turn that assignment in? Nope.

It could take years. A decade. More.

I spent 13 years in school [K-12], then 4 years of college and six years of studying writing. Most of my time was spent learning, trusting, asking, being rejected...and starting over again.

When we are writing for the Lord NOTHING is wasted.

But when we put Him off, you're wasting everything.

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

I hope that you will all come over to my new fiction blog. I am posting an entire novel there, one chapter at a time. This is the book that won the Daphne du Maurier award for Excellence in Suspense/Fiction Unpublished Division in 2007. It is also the story that turned my writing around.

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Eileen Astels Watson said...

Tiff, this is inspiring. It's just the kick I needed.

Thank You!