Saturday, May 19, 2012

Childish Faith

My grandson and I talk a lot about Jesus and heaven. He’s six and curious about everything. He asks some fun and amazing questions.

“When I get to heaven can I ride a dolphin? What about a tiger?”
”Will we be afraid of the dark in heaven?”
“If I’ll know all my friends, how can I also know kids I haven’t even met?”

One of his favorite topics for riding in the car is what it will look like when Jesus comes back, especially when it’s stormy and the clouds are making interesting formations with a little sun peeking out from behind. The other day he said he couldn’t wait to get to heaven “…cause I’ll finally get to see Jesus.”

The simple faith and joy in his voice at something many Christians don’t even think about brought tears to my eyes. When is the last time we were that anxious to see Jesus? Do we want to meet him and see his face more than anything else? Jesus said if we did not become like little children we would not enter the kingdom of heaven.

This week may our wonder and curiosity about heaven and Jesus and all things glorious be stirred again within us. Let us become like little children who want nothing more than to spend time with the Lord, absorbing everything he has to teach us.

It can happen, you know. He left us His Word if we want to know his true heart. And for many, he’s lent us little ones full of questions to keep us on our toes and poring through his Word for wisdom when one of those questions is a real stumper.


Holly said...

Nice post to remind us how we should long for Jesus. Thanks!

Holly said...

Thanks for the reminder of how we should be longing to see the face of Jesus.

Holly said...

oops...I didn't think the post worked the first time. Sorry for the double posts

Molly Noble Bull said...

Our youngest grandchild is only two, and she says mostly words with a few sentences thrown in. But I look forward to the day when we can talk about Jesus more.
God is good.

Teresa Slack said...

No problem, Holly. Glad you enjoyed it. Molly, be prepared. They will take you by surprise with their curiosity and questions. Wonderful memories in the making.

Connie Almony said...

We should all spend time with kids so that kind of faith can be mentored to us.