Saturday, February 21, 2009

Writing Through Pain

by Audra Silva

Sometimes life blindsides you. Last year, our family went through some intense battles, and the experience cut me deep. I haven’t written since. The thought of writing brought a wounded feeling with it, and I shut down any attempts.

A friend of mine asked me how I was doing recently, and everything came pouring out. I realized through that bit of processing I hadn’t dealt with the pain, the sense of loss. I’d shoved it way down, thrown a lid on it, and ‘forgotten’ about it.

Writing for me means vulnerability. It pulls from those hidden places to bring passion to the words. My angst, my sorrow, my joy, my essence infuses every part of it. Both happiness and heartache add life to my writing. I work through my emotions whether I’m penning a poem or creating a character in my novel.

I never realized the strong bond between writing and the person deep inside me. Not until I faced a crisis, but ignored the gaping wound. Not until I couldn’t write for fear it would hurt too much. Not until a friend asked, and it all came tumbling out.

God gave me the gift of writing for two reasons. One is for me. He uses this gift to help me sort through painful experiences. I have a way to let it all out, and not hide from it. It’s just God and me, and the words tumbling out. He brings healing as the words and emotions flow.

However, I need to remember there is a second reason. There are others who may not be able to express their pain. They may feel alone in what they are going through. That’s when God moves on the heart of a writer. His words, His truths flow through a willing writer’s heart, and touch a reader right in the middle of their circumstance. Again, God’s healing comes through words.

If you are facing a similar ‘block’ with your writing, I encourage you to look inside, and see what might be going on. Let God pull you close, and help you through what you’re dealing with right now. Then let that jumbled mess spill out on the page in whatever form it chooses. God is faithful to meet you there.


Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

I know exactly what you mean. I started my first WIP last summer and got incredibly far in it, but going back to work, and now the possiblility of losing my home due to major financial issues has really stunted my writing. I know I need to start working on my home, cleaning out and preparing, but I am in denial. You would think that I would be escaping in my writing, but all I seem to want to do is follow people's blogs and connect with others that way. It is safe....people I don't really know...I can be honest with them and not the ones I see daily.

I have faith in God and believe He is in control. I am a pastor's wife of a small start up church that is not growing (hence the financial issues) I know God has a plan and I am just trying to ride the waves and know that I will become a much better person because of it all.

I am not sure how to get past the "block" in my writing though.

Unknown said...

Well, I had to stop and cry half way through! Then I had to explain to Jamie why I was crying...which made me cry more! :) There is definitely a connection between what we are going through emotionally and how we either express that through writing or avoid writing all together. You've encouraged me today...thank you! Now, get back to your writing, missy! :)

SHARLENE said...

I never wrote a single word of Christian fiction until the year 2000, after I'd just passed through a year of clinical depression. From that pain, I have published 8 books with another on the way.

God VERY DEFINITELY planted this passion in my soul when I thought nothing good could come of my painful situation. He is a faithful, loving, forgiving, healing Father, and He understands EVERYTHING we go through.

Keep your hope high and your faith alive, my precious brothers and sisters.

jenness said...

Hey you. Hope the writing is flowing now, and that this year holds great things for you. You're a blessing.

Catherine West said...

Audra, I am glad you are back at it. I have experienced many road blocks, through personal issues and circumstances. At the moment it's a bit of both, and I'm not doing much. I'm hoping that when I am able to sit down again for long enough to actually get something written, I won't have forgotten how!!
I pray you will start writing again and be blessed!