Sunday, February 22, 2009

Top 10 Ways to A Peaceful Mind

Have you had those days when you are rushing so fast and go to bed with your mind still racing? All those thoughts of what didn't get done. It's never about the things you did get done, is it?

Some things that help the overly busy thinker to get some rest:

Is your mind still racing? Maybe you have unfinished business you are afraid will not get done.
1. Write down notes on what needs to be finished.
2. Keep a notepad and pen by your bed to unload your brain when you can't sleep.
3. Journal emotions that haven't settled.
4. Jot a bullet point list of the things running in your brain.
5. Double check your daytimer for any appointments that worry you.
6. Load your cell phone with appointments you are afraid to miss.
7. Set out your things for morning the night before so that you feel much more in control.
8. Read something you really enjoy.
9. Put on relaxing music.
10. Give yourself 15 minutes to think out loud about anything that is bothersome. Take it one step further and speak out loud to God asking for His help in handling the issue.

An hour before bedtime . . .
1. Shut off the TV, radio and computer.
2. Turn off the cell phone.
3. Turn down all the bright lighting.
4. Take a warm bath.
5. Drink some cocoa or warm decalf tea.
6. Pet your dog or cat while cuddled up comfortably.
7. Don't work in your bedroom.
8. Follow a ritual for getting ready for bed.
9. Thank God for all the things that were accomplished today by naming them.
10. Stop cleaning house, doing chores, or talking business.

Oh yes, I'll be taking my own advice tonight :-)

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Sherrinda Ketchersid said...

I always read a chapter of a good book. It usually turns into more than one chapter and invariably my eyes start crossing and I fall right to sleep. It's the best way for me to take my mind off of the "stuff" of life. :)

Jan Mader said...

I'm popping by through Sherrinda's blog. I'm a children's author and would love to have you come visit.

You Top 10 Ways to a Peaceful Mind are right on the money.

Hope to see you soon....

Anonymous said...

very nice of you to share. Thank you very much. I have so much stuffs on my bed for instance books, handphone and else and it keeps me busy. Lol.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I find listening to my local Christian radio station on the way home from work reduces stress. It helps me transition from work mode to home mode.

Routine comforts me and makes the morning go smoother. Your suggestion about putting out clothes the night before has been a standard practice for many years.

Thanks for an excellent post. I picked up a few new tips. :)