Wednesday, February 1, 2012


by Molly Noble Bull

Contest Rules: 
Reply to this blog by leaving a comment, telling why you think you should sell a book before the Rapture in 50 words or less. Include your email address and a sentence or two about your story. The winner will receive a free critique from Molly Noble Bull of the first 50 double-spaced pages of a manuscript.
Molly has placed first in two national contests for published authors and also placed high in other such contests.
So enter now.


Molly Noble Bull said...

Don't be shy. Enter. It's free.

DenaNetherton said...

Perhaps God has called me to write my novel for just one person who hasn't found Him yet: Singer, Veronica suffered humiliation on stage. Firefighter, Lucas struggles with overwhelming shyness. Can their growing love, and a looming musical performance help them learn to trust God with their futures?
Dena Netherton at

Terri Tiffany said...

Not everyone will be raptured. For those who remain, they will still have the opportunity to learn about salvation. The amazing possibility of that happening encourages me to write inspirational books. A Sprinkling of Promises does that—gives a reader hope and the promise of everlasting life a devastating situation where a widow must make a choice no mother should ever make.

Melissa said...

I posted this on my Facebook, Molly. Hope you get some traffic as a result. For those of you who don't know Molly, this is a great prize!

Terri L. Gillespie said...

Working in a Messianic ministry (Jewish believers in Jesus/Yeshua), I know that the Body of Messiah is still a long way from unity. Yeshua/Jesus will return for a whole Bride. My heart is to see Jew and Gentile in the Messiah one!

Unfortunately, most don't know that there is revival amongst the Jewish people going on in the world--and most wonderfully in Israel.

So, my hope is to publish modern day Ruth and Naomi stories--Messianic and Christian women--who impact one another and their communities because of their unity.

PITCH: A hand physical therapist believes she has a handle on her life until a purple wig reveals her sinful past, but brings hope for her future.

Thanks for this opportunity, Molly! God bless.

robert said...
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Kristi Ann Hunter said...

I would like to be published before the rapture because until we are raptured we still have to live on this earth. As such, people will still seek and need outlets for entertainment, learning, and sharing that come from a Christian worldview.

Bonnie Engstrom said...

I pray I will sell before the Rapture, but if I don't it's because it isn't God's will. I believe He led me to write, even spoke to me about writing. He's interrupted my writing and possible publication numerous times, but in those times He's blessed me so much. He gave me the desires of my heart, grandchildren. Six withing five years. He led my husband to Christ and two of my children. So, if I don't publish before the Rapture, I am fulfilled with His grace.
Bonnie Engstrom

Peggy Wirgau said...

I want to sell my novel before the Rapture for two reasons: because I want it to reach at least one teen girl who is on the fence about God so SHE is ready for the Rapture, and because it won't matter one little speck to me afterwards because I'm outta here!
When Casey and her mom open a B&B on a remote island in northern Michigan, she discovers that life, and love, can be more challenging than the island weather.

Cheri Horgan said...

I want to bring Jesus and his love to those who might never read His words or enter a church. In Jill Williamson's book, "Replication" clones are told they have a purpose and that they are to save mankind from toxic air. The clones accept this as their purpose and accept the tests and physicals as doing their part to save mankind before they expire. I want to fullfill my purpose to bring Jesus to those who do not have an intimate relationship with Him before it is too late. I don't care if I make a penny from it, if only someone can find that Ah-Ha Moment and have a relationship so personal and intimate that they can scarcely put it into words it will be succesful. In "Sweet Beginnings in Hershey, Pa." a middle-aged woman hates the word Love, and mocks Valentine's Day by baking cookies with sentiments like "Don't Pick Me!" and "Love is a 4 letter word". On her stoop is an outline of cupid masked off with police tape and strewn with broken arrows and feathers. A twist of fate brings her in as a partner in a wedding chapel...and through the couples God sends in to get married she learns that she must first learn to love herself, then allow God to love her before she can be loved by others. Finally she meets an 89 year old woman getting married for the first time, and realizes it is never too late to find love...and to have an intimate relationship with Jesus.It ends with her explaining to her granddaughter on her wedding day that a relationship with Jesus is like a relationship with a husband, caring, forgiving, intimate, and faithful.

Debbie Lynne and Kathy said...

Darkness and light will become more pronounced, and men must choose allegiances, sometimes over dear friendships. When the Truth is revealed to young Gavin Sharpe, he leaves all behind--including his twin brother--to follow Him. Only a miracle can redeem their lost relationship during war and threat of death.
Kathleen Maher

Johnese said...

I would like to publish before the Rapture because Flight4Love is a story of hope and providence.

Part of anything I make from my writing is dedicated to missions projects that help abandoned children.

Like most aspiring writers, to see my goals, hopes, and dreams become reality would be amazing.

Jo Huddleston said...

I would like to publish before the rapture because my novel's scriptural theme is Rev. 3:20, which is Jesus' knocking at our heart's door and we only have to answer in faith and he will come into our heart. I wish every unsaved person could hear that plea and respond favorably to it.

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