Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sleeping Until You Wake Up

Well now, I was exhausted last night after ACFW Board meetings. But don't you know my body woke up at my regular 7:30a.m. anyway. I slept exactly what I needed to for refueling. I feel great!

I stayed up late working on my laptop for ACFW issues. It was getting it all typed out and off my brain that made me finally relax.

I did that a few weeks ago too. Brain dump. Now I use that list of things to keep moving through my goals daily. I love it!

So my advice for rest on this lovely Sunday? Stop trying to remember everything after you lay down. Dump all those stray thoughts onto paper or into your laptop. Climb into bed knowing that you are prepared for the next day's work.

And sleep!

Happy Sunday,
PS Come visit me over at God Uses Broken Vessels and see what's happening in my Gems of Wisdom plans.


Eileen Astels Watson said...

Angie, what great advice. Thanks!

Tana said...

Without my notes I forget. I get insanely obsessed trying to remember and feel as though someone just hijacked my idea right out of my brain. Thanks for the post!