Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sara Probasco, author of Treasured Recipes and Remembrances

by Molly Noble Bull

Molly: Today I am interviewing Sara Probasco, my very good friend from Uvalde, Texas. Welcome to Books That Inspire, Sara.

Sara: Thank you, Molly. I’ve been looking forward to this.

M. Even though you love writing fiction, I understand you’ve recently published two distinctly different non-fiction books.

S. That’s right. The first is a cookbook titled Treasured Recipes and Remembrances.

M. There are so many cookbooks on the market! What makes yours different?

S. For many years, I was a successful dinner and wedding caterer based on my private collection of easy to prepare recipes. Many were handed down to me through several generations of wonderful cooks. My book includes not only old photos and comments about the recipes and their donors, but tips and tricks learned through my years of catering that the average cook may not know.

M:. That sounds like my kind of cookbook.

S. I hear that comment a lot. Here’s one of my crowd-pleasing favorites for your readers to try:
Sara’s Own WHIPPED CREAM CAKE Serves 12-20

Your favorite moist, white layer-cake recipe (I use Duncan Hines Deluxe Cake Mix)
32 oz. (4 small cartons or 1 qt. carton) unwhipped Whipping Cream
¾ cup granulated Sugar
1 cup coarsely chopped Pecans
1 cup chopped pitted Dates (For best results, chop your own; Pre-cut are too hard.)
1 8 oz. package “Angel Flake” Coconut
16 oz. can Crushed Pineapple, very well drained

At least 10 hours before serving (24 is best) bake the cake in three 8-inch round layers.
Cool thoroughly.
Whip Cream until soft peaks form.
Slowly add Sugar while continuing to beat until beater leaves stiff points when raised.
Carefully fold into Whipped Cream all remaining ingredients until well mixed.
(Do NOT beat!)
Fill cake between layers and all over the top and sides with Whipped Cream mixture.
Cover with cake dome or loosely cover with plastic wrap
Refrigerate 10 - 24 hours, until ready to serve.

M. That sounds delicious.

S. It’s also beautiful and very easy.

M. You said your second book was quite different from this one. In what ways?

S. In the first place, it’s not a cookbook. In the second place, it represents my initiation into the world of electronic publishing.

M. Sounds exciting. Tell me more.

S. My E-book is titled Say YES! to SUCCESS in Business.
It’s packed with information on how to build a small business and keep it profitable.

M. That sounds like something anybody in business would find helpful. But
tell me, as a writer and former caterer, what prompted you to write a book about business?

S. Well, Molly, both writing and catering are businesses, no matter how closely held or
far-reaching they may be. I’ve enjoyed thirty years’ experience as a successful
entrepreneur. For the past twelve years, I’ve even taught business seminars throughout
the U.S. and in Canada, “on the side.” The reader can derive the same basic information
from my E-book as he would by traveling a distance to attend my seminar, but without
all the monetary expense and the time away from his business.

M.Where can we find these wonderful books?

S. Just visit my website , the “Works” section. You’ll find a
table of contents and sample page under the E-book and free recipes under the cookbook,
along with complete ordering information on both.

M. I know I’ll be visiting your website to check out your sample recipes and business information. I’m sure my readers will, too. Thanks for sharing your latest work with us, Sara. It was great having you today, and I hope you will come back real soon.

S. Thanks, Molly. I’ll look forward to it.

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