Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rest Is Play

I love the idea that rest is play. Laughter is playful rest. It relaxes you, rejuvinates you, and lowers all the stress triggers.

I watch funny movies, go hiking, play games with my family. I'll also go to live theater, read a book, or do synchronized swimming. Okay, I have to admit that blogging is play for me too, lol. Recently, my kids taught me how to folf. (Up in Montana, there are several mountain frisbie golf courses. We call it folfing.)

Have you tried archery? It's amazing for creating a single-minded focus. It's me and the bullseye. I can't think of anything else. I kid you not, after archery, I feel like I've had a good night's sleep. Like my son says when he rock climbs, "All my worries fall away because it is me and the rock." (As long as it's his worries and not him falling.)

Some play is active and some is passive. There's purpose in both.

How do you play? What refreshes you? (Sometime I'll post about the benefits of getting a therapeutic massage.)

If you don't play regularly (not talking about being lazy here) what could you do today to experience rest through joyful release of tension? How will you let your cares fall away?

Wishing you a wonderful playday,


Rachel said...

I'm a crafter. I'm a counted cross stitch addict, and I knit. That's how I relax and unwind. When I don't get to stitch every day, I'm not a pleasant person to be around, lol.

Cathy West said...

I like to crochet and watch tv. That's relaxing for me, although these days I don't find there is much worth watching anymore. I won't crochet while I'm watching a movie.

jenness said...

I read or go for a walk or pet a dog. :-) If I pick up a needle, I am not going to be a happy, relaxed person. Instead, there might be a hole in the wall from my fist when the thread/yarn/whatever gets all tangled up. :-)