Saturday, November 10, 2007

Being Thankful...

I know we're supposed to lighten up on the weekends, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to say how very thankful I am for my children.
On Fridays I volunteer down at Bermuda Riding for the Disabled. Yesterday, one of our little girls had a seizure. We had to call 911 and it was pretty scary for a moment. She was okay, but as her mom pulled up and raced out of the car, I caught her look of sheer terror. I can't imagine what that feels like.
I've been so blessed to have healthy children. The struggles we've faced have been minor compared to what the parents of this little girl and others like her have to cope with on a daily basis.
And I know this is a writing blog, but many of us writers have children, so it's all related, right?
Anyway, on to my children... I have two. My daughter is almost eighteen and she's in college, and I miss her terribly! My son is fourteen and is here at home.
I've truly been blessed. Raising children is NOT easy. Those of you who are parents know what I'm talking about. Those of you thinking about becoming me, you have no idea what you're in for.

Looking back, I can now remember the sleepless nights, temper tantrums, shouting matches and enforced time outs with a smile.
We're not done yet - fourteen year-olds are still a handful! But we've come a long way from the day we brought our babies home from the hospital.
Oh, I thought I was going to be the best mother in the world. Really, I did. It was going to be a piece of cake!
Uh huh.
However, with eighteen years of experience under my belt here's what I've learned:

There is no such thing as a diaper that does not smell.
There is actually NOT a written rule that says Husbands are not allowed to change diapers.
Sleep is overrated.
Children really do have a variety of cries. A tired cry, a hungry cry, a sick cry, a HELP! cry, and the cry that means absolutely nothing - they're doing it just to annoy you. (This usually happens in church, the grocery store and the mall. Oh, and at your in-laws house).
The world will not stop revolving if I say NO.
My child will not die if I say NO.
Never utter a threat you cannot or do not intend to follow through with, such as - "You're grounded forever!"
Grandparents have it way too easy and enjoy watching you suffer.
Washable markers are not washable.
Vomit stinks. I don't care who it comes from. It stinks. Always has, always will.
The best feeling in the world is my child's hug.
The best sound in the world - "I love you, Mommy."
If someone hurts my child, all reason and manner of rational thinking cease to exist.
My children are not perfect.
My parenting skills are not perfect.
Teenagers are your parents revenge.
I cannot protect my children from the world, but I can teach them how to live in it.
Prayer is the most powerful weapon I have to protect my children with.
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
So can my children.

Lord Jesus, I'm so thankful for the precious gift of healthy and happy children. I pray for all the moms and dads out
there who struggle, and I rejoice with them because they are not alone. You are there, Father, helping us every step of
the way. After all, our children are not really ours, they're Yours.
Protect them from evil, bless them with joy, and reveal Yourself to them in Your time.

Amen. Happy Saturday. Go give your kids a hug and tell them how much you love them.


Lynda Schab said...

This is priceless! I hope you don't mind if I share your insight - more specifically, your list of what you've learned - with a few of my friends. I was nodding my head at every single one you mentioned. Think I'll go hug my kids now...

jenness said...

I have to say, Cathy, you're not convincing me to become a mother anytime soon. LOL

Lori said...

Will do... squishy little kid hugs are the best! Especially those lingering wet little boy kisses that always land in weird places--your ear this time, your nose the next... yeah, I need one of those. :)

Except my three-year-old had come up with a new rule. "Oh you remember? No kissing!" I told him all mommies are entitles to kisses forever and ever. He relents, as long as he gets to be the Kissy MONSTER. Fine by me!