Sunday, November 18, 2007

I took a break today

Did you?

Today is the day for rest. Yes, there are things to do all day, every day. But did you carve out a little time to rest today? Rest your mind, your body, your emotions?

I made myself a latte with sugar-free peppermint/chocolate syrups. Sat down and finished a really cute book called, Hollywood Nobody. I'm reviewing it. (Loved it.)

What I loved? Sitting down to thoroughly enjoy a hot drink on a cold day with a good book. I think you should try it too sometimes. When it's all cloudy and wet or snowing out, it's the perfect day for a hot drink and a good book! (That photo above is my hometown on a rainy day.)

What other ideas would you like to share about resting your mind, body, and emotions?

Post away:-D

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