Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rest Is Fascination

I went to Virginia City, MT this summer several times to see my son perform with the Virginia City Players. I found myself completely fascinated with the town and all the restoration happening.

All the buildings have been "rescued" from other spots around Montana in order to preserve the Old West history of the state.
Walking around the picturesque area spurred idea after idea for books, stories, and fun mental meanderings.

I realized that I'd walked miles and miles over the weekend and never once felt tired. I lost track of time and place. It was rest based on fascination of the old buildings, the people who'd once lived in them, and the laughter at the shows.

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this little corner of Montana.

What fascinates you so much that you don't feel the passage of time or effort?

May God bless you with curiousity and fascination,

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Erica Vetsch said...

Like you, I get lost in museums. I can walk miles, stand on hard floors, read every placard, and never even notice my family languishing behind me (according to them, that is.)

Cathy West said...

I love art galleries, but rarely get to visit any on family trips because nobody wants to and we always end up not having enough time for me to go on my own. Libraries, museums, botanical gardens...I got lost in a mall once, but that wasn't as much fun.