Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tooting Your Own Horn

Molly Noble Bull

Is there a difference between promoting your books and tooting your own horn? I'm still not sure. However, I know it's important to advertise. Otherwise, how can I expect to sell my novels once they are published?
I would have no problem advetising somebody else's product--if I believed in that product. But somehow, when it's my books, I feel differently.
How do you spell VANITY?
Nevertheless, today I am tooting my own horn.
Read on or plug your ears.
I will be signing copies of Sanctuary, my long historical, at Waldenbooks in the Padre-Staples Mall in Corpus Christi, Texas on Saturday, May 3, 2008, from two until four in the afternoon. The address is 5488 SPID.
Sanctuary recently won the 2008 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence in the Inspirational Category for published authors. The contest was sponsored by the Southern Magic Chapter of Romance Writers of America located in Birmingham, Alabama.
So now, I horn toot. Honk. Honk.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. I'll know if you leave a comment below.

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Catherine West said...

Hi, Molly,
It's called marketing and it's apparently a must for all of us in the publishing world! I'm like you in that I don't want to come across as boasting or anything like that, but I think writing a book and having it published is a wonderful accomplishment and something to be proud. I'm not there yet, but I imagine when you go to book signings and the like, it's more about you sharing the gift God has given you with others. I think we do need to promote ourselves but I think it can be done with humility.
Have fun at your signing!