Sunday, April 20, 2008

Coffee, Tea, & Me

You know, there's a lovely prayer I once read. It's the Tea Cup Prayer. I lent the book out years ago and don't remember where it went. Sad really. But the good writing that stuck with me over all this time still influences my thoughts.

The gist of the Tea Cup Prayer is that you put your thoughts visually into the steam that rises up toward heaven.

I love that idea because it meshes really well with one of my favorite verses, Romans 8:26.


So glad you asked ;-)

Sometimes we mistakenly believe that our prayers can only be heard if they are spoken. But Romans 8:26 says that the Holy Spirit searches our hearts and minds and takes our needs directly to God. (Angie's paraphrased version.)

One day, 16 or 17 years ago, I hit bottom. I couldn't even voice the pain in my soul. I didn't think God could hear me anymore. Then I read that verse. I was surprised, but I needed so badly to be able to pray in images rather than words. The grief, pain, need was too great for words.

Then later, I read the Tea Cup Prayer and more fully understood the concept of silent prayer. I'm sure there are many ways to pray silently. It just so happened that this idea struck a chord.

Now whenever I can take a moment with that first hot drink, I watch the steam rise and curl toward heaven. I picture the faces of people I want to pray for, I place my fears and needs into the aroma, and I release the pent up feelings as the aroma lifts to the nostrils of God.

I ask him to see, hear, and accept my prayers. I ask him to breathe them in. I picture the curling mist streaming into the throne room. Then I imagine God's eyes closing as he inhales. His chest lifts with the breath. And his eyes open.

They glow love and compassion.

They look directly into my soul.

He lifts his hand toward me.

The answer is already on the way.

I thank him.

I rest, waiting for the answer to arrive.

Enjoy your coffee or tea in a new way today,
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