Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The No-Spin Zone

Molly Noble Bull

I told myself that I was not going to add anything more to the Sweet or Sexy thread. I am contracted to write two more long historical novels in the Faith of Our Fathers series, and the sequel to Sanctuary isn’t finished because I had to write two other books first. At the same time, there is more I want to say.
Before inspirational novels were available, I read a lot of sweet secular romance novels. I especially liked the cute and funny Regencies. No sex scenes, no petting scenes and plenty of romance. I couldn’t get enough of them and read about six or seven short novels a week.
But all at once the line I was reading also put out novels that contained the very elements I didn’t want to read. Therefore, I couldn’t tell which novels in the series I was going to like and which I was going to dump.
For a while, I played games with myself. I would read along and if the scene seemed to be going in a direction I didn’t like, I simply skipped the next few pages. Trouble was, I never knew how many pages to skip. Often I found myself in the middle of a second by second account of a situation I didn’t want to read about. At other times, I accidentally read a scene I didn’t want to read. At those times, I would mentally rewrite the scene.
He didn’t really touch her breast, he invited her to go on a foxhunt.
After a while, I got tired of skipping pages. By the time I took out everything I didn’t care to read, a two hundred-page book became a twenty-page hop-skip-and jump. And I was tired of creating scenes in novels that didn’t exist. If I was going to do that, I might as well write the entire novel. So that is what I did.
And I stopped reading secular novels. Seven books a week became maybe one novel a month—if that many.
If any editors are reading this, I hope that consider my conclusions.
A romance line for readers like me must be true to my reading interests at all times. I don’t have money to toss on the “maybe this book is what I want to read” pile. I want to know for sure that I am getting what I paid for. No exceptions.
If inspirational romance lines want to put out books that some readers will object to reading, put a product warning on the cover.
Otherwise, readers like me won’t buy their books.
I am going to say good-bye for now and start working on my novel.
And remember, the spin stops here.

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