Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rest Anywhere

While we visited Cha 'Am, Thailand recently, we passed this restaurant. No one was eating. The family was sleeping at the table. It was hot, muggy, and raining hard outside.

At this beachside resort, people literally rest when they are tired. (As you see above.)

We even found vendors asleep at their little booths of magazines or trinkets.

These people aren't lazy! In fact, we observed the wee hours and late nights of these workers.

But in Thailand, they eat and sleep as they have need. A completely foreign concept to Americans.

What would happen if we really followed the needs of our bodies? Would our economy come to a standstill? Or might we be more productive?

I'm beginning to listen to my body more. I eat 5-6 times a day (lol, small servings) and I've actually taken a few naps!

What's your opinion?

Could you take a baby step into a little more awareness in meeting your physical needs?

How would that work?

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Crystal Miller said...

This was a fascinating post! I think most Americans have trouble relaxing, much less sleeping as they have need. I think I heard that there is study out that workers are more productive with a short nap in the afternoon (the Japanese do this) and also you weigh closer to your healthy weight if you get 8 hours of sleep.

I started eating 6 small meals a day and lost 15 lbs in 5 weeks. I'm a believer.

Saw your link on ACFW and glad that I did. Fun blog!