Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spring in Cattle Country

by Molly Noble Bull

Spring has arrived in south Texas; I live in Kingsville—home of the famous King Ranch and the heart of cattle country. I have a great husband, three wonderful sons who are cowboys and four grandchildren. What more could a Texan want?
We had a lot of rain last year. Everything was green and new, but rain didn't come as often this year. Still, things are growing again.
God willing, my writing career is growing, too, and I have some news.


I entered three national contests for published author, and I won one, tied for first place in another and the results of the third have not yet been revealed.

Sanctuary won the 2008 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence in the Inspiration category for published authors. The Southern Magic chapter of Romance Writers of America sponsored the Gayle Wilson contest, and the chapter is located in Birmingham, Alabama.

Sanctuary also tied for first place in the 2008 Winter Rose contest for published authors sponsored by the Yellow Rose chapter of RWA located near Fort Worth in Bedford, Texas.

I have written a series of fiction lessons called Fiction Writing 101 for people new to the fiction-writing field, and seven of my lessons are available in the archives here at Writers Rest. But you have to hunt for them. However, you can find the first six in the correct order at my blog. You only have to scroll down a little to find the first one. Here is the address.

Now you know who I am. After you have read the lessons, maybe I can help you by answering your questions on writing. Please click on the comment button below this lesson or click on the buttons at my blog to ask your questions.
I promise to answer them before spring melts into summer.

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