Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ye Old Familiar

Every Sunday we have a family dinner. Sometimes we have up to 14 people. Our six kids bring their girlfriends, wife, or boyfriends and some long time family friends. Tonight, we had all sorts of familiar foods, just not to everyone.

Our Japanese exchange son made rice cakes on the grill. So interesting! They puff as they heat. Then you wrap sushi seaweed around it and dip it in soy sauce. It's a traditional food in Japan to celebrate the New Year.

I made Scotch Eggs, lefsa, ambrosia, and my hubby made grilled potatoes. So actually, we had an international menu from Japan, Scandinavia, Scotland, Ireland, and America.


I think it was just for fun and to share the feeling of comfort. The foods take you to a place of memories and joy. A place where you rest in the comfort of the familiar.

Scents, flavors, songs--they all have a way of taking you somewhere in your memory.

What strikes a happy memory for you?

Do you realize that is a way of resting your emotions and refueling?

Happy memories to you.

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