Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Normalcy is Overrated!

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting some fellow Christian writers at a local restaurant – seven writers, to be exact. A couple of these ladies I had met before but several, I had not. I have to say, it was so cool!

The one thing I learned right off the bat was that I’m normal! I mean, let’s face it. Writers sometimes come across as a little, um, different. People don’t “get” us. They don’t understand our love of words and imagery. Our passion for making up stuff. Our talk about POV, character development, subplots or The Snowflake Method. They look at us funny when we pull that notebook from our purse because we have to write down that idea before we forget it. And they especially don’t excuse us for not hearing something they say because those darn voices in our head are too loud!

Even my husband gets that glazed, I’m-trying-to-listen-but-have-no-clue-what-you’re-saying look in his eye when I talk about my writing or my current work in progress.

But on Saturday, in the midst of others just like me, I felt understood! Accepted!


As the eight of us chatted over coffee, I learned the following: two ladies have non-fiction books published. Five of us write fiction. Two have completed novels. Two have been published only online. Two have never been published, anywhere. Three are just beginning their writing careers. Four have been writing forever. One writes curriculum. Two are editors. One journals obsessively. The oldest writer represented on Saturday is over fifty. The youngest is only seventeen. Five have children. Three are grandmothers.

It struck me that even though we are all at completely different stages of not only our writing careers, but life in general, we have two ties that bind us together. 1. We feel called to write! Our passion for prose immediately connected us in a special way. 2. We love God and desire to glorify Him. And each of us expressed specific ways that God, through our writing, has used us to glorify Him and touch others.

Isn’t it a wonder that no matter what point of the path we’re on in our walk – whether as Christians or writers, no matter how young or old, or how many notches we have in our accomplishment belts, God will meet us right where we are. He uses each one of us in a unique way to make a difference and accomplish His purpose.

And He may even send a few “normal” friends to encourage us along the way.

Pretty cool, indeed.


Cathy West said...

This is exactly how I felt the first time I attended the ACFW conference! It was an amazing feeling, being surrounded by so many like-minded individuals! My hubby came with me that year, which was really good because he got to see firsthand that what I'm doing is actually being done by a ton of other people, and they're all crazy too!! Ha. I mean that in a good way of course. I don't have a writers group to go to at home, so I really value the friendships I've made through ACFW, even if we do only see each other once a year!

Lynda Schab said...

I so want to attend the ACFW conference in Minneapolis! With several other big things happening this year, I'm not sure it will be possible. But we'll see...I can't imagine how "normal" I would feel there! :-)

Cathy West said...

I hope you get to go!
PS i think you should re-title this post.
"Normalcy Is Overrated!"

Cathy West said...

Ha! I love it when people take my advice!!

Leigh said...

You are so right! My husband and others understand the writing I do for work, but fiction is another matter. They know I'm working on things but I don't talk about it much because I lose them too quickly. That's where my online friends and local writers' group are lifesavers. No matter what we write, we still understand each other. And that's a priceless gift to share!

Audra Marie said...

I would love to find some writers locally. Thank goodness for the many writers I've met online. :)

Someday - maybe in person, too. :)

Kathy said...

Great explanation of being part of a crowd of understanding and acceptance. It is great fun, too! Reminds me that we need to set another date. Hugs!


darlene said...

It was too much fun and what a great spot to meet. It was so fun to have some girlfriend time, also, though I wouldn't mind having some writing men along.