Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Time With Molly

Welcome back to Part II of our interview with Molly Noble Bull! Today she talks about how she’s grown as a writer over the years, and how she keeps the spiritual dimension of her life and her writing on track.

Leigh: How and when did you know God was calling you to write for Him?

Molly: I learned as a young child in church that we are to use our talents or God will taken them away. He might have been talking about money, but at the time, I thought He meant “talents”—as in creative writing. I was good a singing and story writing and knew I should use the gifts He gave me for His glory.

Leigh: What kinds of connections do you see between your writing and your faith, or your relationship with God?

Molly: My fiction novels and non-fiction books are a ministry, and I write for the Lord only. My books are more spiritual than some inspirational novels. When you read one of my books, you will know I am a Christian. I won’t have to tell you. But I try not to be preachy.

Leigh: Your first books were published in 1986, and you’ve published regularly ever since. How have you seen yourself grow as a writer between your first release and your latest book Sanctuary?

Molly: Good question. Before I started writing to sell, I took a course in novel writing by correspondence and knew a lot about writing by the time the course ended. One of the things I knew was not to use a lot of adjectives and adverbs. However, at that point in time, writers who sold romance novels used them. So I ignored what I knew to be right and used adjectives and adverbs whenever possible. Thankfully, that trend died. So now I don’t do that anymore. My books are better for it.

Leigh: Because this blog is called Writers’ Rest, we like to encourage fellow writers to step away and find time to refresh themselves and their relationship with God so they can bring that perspective to their writing. What’s your favorite way to rest as a writer, and how does it rejuvenate you?

Molly: I feel very close to the Lord when I sing and praise Him will walking on the treadmill, and I always sing, praise and pray in the name of Jesus whether I am walking on the treadmill or not. Once I sang and prayed mentally, and I still do if I’m singing in the middle of the night while my husband is sleeping. But I think the Lord wants me to sing, praise and pray aloud whenever possible.

Leigh: Final question for the day: Can you share any Scriptures that encourage you to continue writing?

Molly: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

Leigh: That’s a great verse for all of us, whether we’re writing or just trying to get through another day. We’ll hold on to that thought until Friday, when Molly will tell us about her upcoming books and I’ll have a review of her latest novel, Sanctuary. In the meantime, add a comment to let Molly know we’re glad she’s here, or visit her website at to learn more about her projects.


jennw said...

Thanks for sharing, Molly.

Lynda Schab said...

I've been enjoying getting to know you, Molly. Looking forward to part three...