Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What should I do now?

Tuesdays with Tiffany
by Tiffany Colter

Over on my daily blog I talked yesterday about time management and today about the changing realities in publishing. If you have a couple of minutes I encourage you to go over to that blog and read up. www.WritingCareerCoach.com

Also, if you'd like to learn more about my 4 week class on time management that starts July 21 go visit the Christian PEN website.

Okay, so things are changing and time isn't waiting for us. So what should you do now?

In order to stay ahead of the game you need to find a few blogs that really help you stay on top of marketing and the industry. I take the time to stay on top of a few different blogs each week just to help me with the industry. I am by no means saying these are the only blogs, but they are worth your time.

Writer's Rest.
Well DUH, do you think I'd participate if I didn't think it was great. I like this site because there are many people and many voices to learn from.

Chip MacGregor's site
Chip doesn't post every day...not even every week but he does an excellent job of telling it like it is to anyone who is brave enough to ask. I really value Chip's insights and read every single post he puts up.

From Where I Sit
Michael Hyatt [I really hope I spelled that right] speaks as the head of a publishing company. His insights are great and it helps me to not only learn about the industry but seeing publishers as "real people" rather than people who hold my entire future in the palm of their hands.

Writing Career Coach
How can I not go there since it's my blog :-). But in all seriousness, this blog is there to help you. Many people leave comments and many more email me through the contact page on my website when the have a specific question. I want to help so if there are things you don't understand, ask. If you'd like to take one of my classes they are there too.
And next week I'll be making a big announcement over there. You won't want to miss it!

Rachelle Gardner
Again, an agent who really tells what they want and how to succeed. She is worth the time it takes to go over. Agents are so overwhelmed so I'm always excited when they're so eager to help.

Now that you have the blog addresses...now what!

Learn from them. Find out what they suggest a proposal have [in their writer's guidelines] or see what trends they're seeing in the industry. These pieces of information will help you distinguish your marketing proposal from the countless others an editor/agent sees in a day.

And, when the time comes, that bit of added effort will help your target reader learn about you and your book. So marketing isn't just about cold calls, book signings and post cards. It's about what you're doing right now to prepare for your first published book. It is knowing about the industry you work in.

So, now that you have this information, what WILL you do now?

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

Tiffany is a freelance writer and writing career coach. She has dozens of credits in local articles and has also been published in Charisma Magazine and Today's Christian. She loves to write and mentor other writers. You can learn more about Tiffany's writing career coach programs and classes at her website www.WritingCareerCoach.com

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Anna said...

I love all of the blogs you have listed, Tiffany! Thanks for the time you and all of the writers use to help! :)