Monday, July 14, 2008

Defining a Writer

Mission Possible Monday
by Carla Gade

How do you define a writer?
The American Heritage Dictionary puts it simply:

n. One who writes,
especially as an occupation.

And to be occupied? The above terms clearly states as a vocation, otherwise it is how one chooses to occupy their time, thoughts, and attention. And for a writer, pen in hand.

Like many of you, from a very young age I have been compelled to write. Stories, poems, newsletters, reports, articles, lessons. You name it, I write it! Being a writer is quite naturally who I am. It is not all of who I am, yet all of who I am seems to yearn to be expressed through creativity. Especially writing.

When my Mom moved to her retirement home she handed me a folder. You know the one. The folder mother's everywhere create as a portfolio of such containing samples of school papers, reports, art work, letters, what have you. When I looked through it something funny happened. It occurred to me that I was a writer. I knew I liked to write. Yet now the evidence was there before me. I had a history of writing. I still wrote. And surely I would continue to write. I was a writer.

It still took me some time to consider myself a vocational writer; even though I had already passed that threshold. Something significant eventually took hold. A metamorphosis occurred when I chose to come out of my little cocoon and fly. It was then that I truly became a writer, because I at last believed I was one. Now with a vocational portfolio of my writing material, there is no more denying it. A writer I am.

The other day, I traversed down a beautiful river with a group of 30 on a float trip. There I was, in my inflatable boat, imagination soaring. I couldn't help myself. And oh how tempted I had been to bring along a pen, although I thought better of it to avoid a potential risk of a puncture in my otherwise seaworthy vessel. As I floated along I began plotting. Oh, the inspiration! I also pictured scenes from the book I'm currently reading which mentions that very river. Someone had written about it. I shall too, I thought. It cannot be helped. You know why. Because you, too, are a writer.


To Consider:

How do you define a writer?"

When did you first know that you were a writer? How did that realization impact your life?

What experiences have you had that have encouraged you as a writer?

"I lived to write, and wrote to live."
Samuel Rogers (1733-1855)

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