Sunday, July 27, 2008

Laughter rests your soul

In the last two days, our family has had several silly moments. Not one or two, but many.

I've found out how badly I needed a laugh.

We've had such a stressful summer that life was getting overwhelming. We were feeling heavy-hearted and like all we were doing was climbing uphill.

Then starting Friday, little things just kept happening. We started to giggle. We slept in on Saturday. We giggled at more unexpected silly things. A word here, a surprise there, a funny show...the laughter kept coming.

None of it planned. Little moments of blessings.

Now, two days later, our shoulders are relaxed and we laughed ourselves onto the floor at dinner. Our poor guest (who had never eaten a meal with our family before) was completely befuddled. At the end of the evening and weekend, our hearts are much lighter. We feel rested and refreshed.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?

Start with a giggle from a funny show. Look for reasons to tell humorous stories. Be deliberate. Laugh.

I promise you'll be on the road to a refreshed outlook and a rested soul.

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