Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Marketing with columns

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Okay, like I said on the previous page, earning $5,200 this year with your writing would be pretty nice and you can see how doing what I suggest will improve your writing and move your career forward but what if you just DON'T want to consider it.

A second option is looking in to columns. Yes, I know, saying you're a columnist does have a nice ring to it. Doesn't it???

But beyond the prestige of it, are there other benefits? Yes.

While you won't make a huge amount of money writing a column [typically] it will continue to help you work out the disciplines of being a writer [deadlines, working in spite of writer's block, consistent effort]. You can also earn a small amount of money writing the column. This idea occurred to me when I was talking to a publication that didn't pay but suggested syndicating the article for pay. This is a wonderful way to try to get your work in the hands of even more people.

So beyond income, think of the possibilities both of these offer to you as a writer. Think of how many different groups of people you can reach through your efforts. How would that increase the attractiveness of your proposal to a publishing house? How would it help you pay for conferences and other writing related needs? How would it help you improve as a writer.

Finally, think of the relationships you'd have established when the time came to promote your book. As a columnist you have an attractive byline. Look at the bottom..."Jane I. Writer is a columnist for the Daily Paper. Her book, This is super good, will be released from SmartPublishing in September."

Do you think some of your regular readers MIGHT check out your book??? Just something to think about.

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Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter

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