Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rest for Health

You might have noticed that this message is back posted to my regular Sunday time.

Unfortunately, I had to deal with bronchitis for the last week.

Guess what?

You guessed it!

The doctor prescribed rest, lol.

My schedule had become so out of control on business travel, classes, pageant work, family, etc...

I hadn't taken time to rest in several weeks. And my body let me know in NO uncertain terms.

Isn't it funny that we think we are absolutely indispensable until we are of no use to anyone? sigh.

So last week I let everything possible go. This week, I'm working back into only the most important things.

That is my lesson. My very humbling lesson! I am not so important that the world can't get along without me.

My job is to do God's will and to slow down on the busy overkill. Why do I have to relearn that over and over?


Take a look at your schedule. Is it really what you are supposed to be doing or is it more busy stuff?

Would your body appreciate a break?

Mine did.

On the mend,

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