Saturday, July 12, 2008

Open House

Since we seem to be short on postings the last couple of days, how about trying something different?
What would you like us to talk about over the next few weeks, months, especially as a lot of us are gearing
up for the ACFW conference in Minneapolis in September.
Leave your suggestions in the comments and we'll do our best to please!

Another great place to ask the burning questions you just can't seem to find answers to is over at the ACFW forums.
Check them out.

As for me, going into my third conference now I'm still trying to figure out exactly what a pitch is and how to do it and
I'm wondering why my agent can't just do it for me. Could be because she'll be busy taking her own appointments, which
is very inconvenient for me, but I think she's really like that mama bird who's pushing me out of the nest, determined to
make me learn how to fly, even if it kills me.
Yeah. I bet you can tell how thrilled I am about the whole pitching process, can't you?
I'd love some tips if you've got any.

Let's talk!

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