Sunday, June 29, 2008

Write Where You Are

by Carla Gade

Where are you today in your writing journey? You may be a multi-published author, a newly published author, an experienced writer, or just starting out. Yet, there is one thing in addition to the desire to write that we all have in common. Today.

So what happens when today seems to be void of anything worthy of writing about. Anything outstanding to say. Anything extraordinary.

We don't only need to write with a specific purpose or project in mind, that may come later. As writers write because thats what we do. So stay in the moment. Write those thoughts down and and ask the lord to refine them, to make something of them. At the very least, if not best, it may help remove some of the clutter in your mind and ultimately make for a better place to write.

As for me, writing has always been therapeutic as well as fun. During times that I would think that I am in a place that I might not have anything decent to say or even the ability to articulate mye ideas, I have found myself with pen in hand writing away. What a great creative outlet for stress relief. Sometimes I am able to begin to formulate my thoughts and consider possible solutions. Other times it is merely a delightful distraction.

Whenever I continue to write, in season or out, I maintain my writing ability, foster my creativity, and can bless others with words that overflow from my heart and mind, even if the sharing comes at a later time. What has brought me to today is unique. It is an experience I will have on no other day.

So when I feel like I'm at an impass. In reality, I may be at a crossroad. Wherever that place is the Lord is there. And I can write.


To Consider:

What brought you to today? How does that experience impact your writing?

What is in today's experience that is unique? What may seem insignificant now may become very pertinent later.

"All writing comes by the grace of God."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

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Gina Conroy said...

Thanks for the encouragement!