Sunday, June 8, 2008

Massage-the next best thing to sleep-and other health reasons

Massage seems to be some folks idea of an extra. For me it has become a necessity. NO, I'm not rich:-) You don't have to be to utilize the simple health restoration of massage. And, there are many different kinds for many different needs!

Think about Swedish Massage, Pressure Point Release, Athletic Massage, Therapeutic, Thai, etc.

How do you know what you need? I think that is one for a book! Hey, I am writing one on health and beauty. I think I'll have to add a chapter now!

The reality for me is that with arthritis, muscle tension, and a massive on-the-go schedule, my back and neck muscles will lock up and cause me great tension pain.

I began going to the Montana School of Massage because of a gift certificate (if I remember correctly.) I've continued going for the health benefits I receive.

Massage rests my mind and body. Sometimes while releasing my tension, I'll also relax enough to release my mind to find those unconscious problems untangling. It could be a plot issue, a character motivation, or even a family problem.

I've had chats with many massage students through the years. I explore their reasons for learning the art and find out all sorts of motivation. I've even been inspired with a work in progress!

It's possible that the adage is true: A one hour massage is worth two hours of rest.

It feels like that to me.

If you don't get massage at least now and then, why?

If you do, what benefits do you see?

What would it take for you to care enough for the body and mind that God gave you to go get a massage in the next week?

What do you need to learn to be comfortable with something new, if you've never had massage before?

Or if you are trying a new massage style?

Chat with me:-)
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Eileen Astels Watson said...

Hi, Angie:

I had my very first massage at a scrapping nook retreat and she really worked on the knot in my shoulder. It helped A LOT!

I need to find a good one around here to keep working it out.

Angela Breidenbach said...

I think one of the most important spots on women is their shoulders. We just hold all our tension there! You go find a massage therapist! You'll never regret it.