Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sometimes we give up rest for a bigger plan...

Today, I'll be nodding off on an early flight to Denver. It's 2 a.m. and I've been finishing online training for the speaker and leadership training I'm going to for the next 3 days.

I believe that rest is crucial, but I understand that sometimes we need to sacrifice to achieve something greater. My dream is to be a speaker and writer full time. That means, on occasion, I have to choose to put achievement over rest. I plan for as much as possible. I even plan for downtime now just to get some rest from my busy schedule. If I didn't, my daytimer would plan me.

It's very important though that I do not overdo like that every day. I get tense and irritable if it goes on too long, just like anyone else would.

The take away from this? Push through what you need to do now and again. Then make time to rest! Do not make a habit of being sleep deprived or you will be imagination and peace deprived.

So I'll nap on the plane, then sit through 8 hours of training and go to sleep with a very satisfied feeling ready to get up for 2 more days of training. :-)

Are you planning your schedule or is your schedule planning you? What do you have to do to be in control of your daily schedule? Do you need to schedule downtime? Would you honor it if you did?



Inspire said...

I remember the days when a good nap was a recommendation for good health.
Thanks for the reminder to take time out to rest. I guess that means to smell the roses, too.

Carla Gade said...

You are so right about how important rest is. Scheduling it in is a good idea. It has to become just as much a priority as all the other activities. It's like gas in our tank, without the price tag!

Catherine West said...

I napped yesterday for two hours! It was awesome!! But I've had those times as well where I run on overdrive because something has to get done.
It takes me a while to recover from that - especially if it's a writing project. But as you say, sometimes there's just no getting around it.
I think we should adopt the European way of doing things, two hour naps in the afternoon are mandatory! Okay, probably not so much nowadays...don't they do that in Mexico too?

Eileen Astels Watson said...

A common phrase I often think of when my agenda is running me is: "Take time to smell the flowers." It helps me to slow down and put things in perspective. Sometimes, "Take time and feel the pillow." would be more appropriate!

Audra Marie said...

Love this thought: "Do not make a habit of being sleep deprived or you will be imagination and peace deprived."

My life seems to make the plans for me. I need to schedule better for sure.

I hope the training went well and you've since rested. :)