Saturday, June 14, 2008

Shouting It Out

Sometimes we can't rest. Our minds whirl and twirl. Our day feels like Star Wars coming at us.

I've found it not only healthy, but restful to find a way to shout all that pent up stuff out.

No, lol, I'm not talking about going around yelling for no reason or yelling at people unreasonably...

After a rough week, today found my husband and I at a basketball camp for our son. He was on his 3rd game. We didn't make it to the first 2 for various reasons. But making it to that last one was definitely a smart call!

We began shouting encouragement with the other attending parents. Soon, we found ourselves laughing along with each other. We'd come in stressed and pressured. We left arm in arm and smiling at everyone. Rooting for the team and opening the steam valve felt much like that first soak in a hot tub when you have sore muscles. Relief!

Just being able to shout out the emotions from a hard work week helped both of us.

I learned today that releasing pent up pressure in a healthy manner is restful.

What could you do to release some of that stress you've been holding back?

Can you watch a movie that makes you laugh? Can you find a game to go to so you can shout with the crowd? Can you hike a mountain and shout at the sky? (Yep, I've done that too.) Could you sit in a hot tub and simply let go?

Let your blood pressure rest. Find a way to shout it out so you don't keep it all inside and never relax.

Share some of your ideas with us too. How do you release tension and pressure?

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Catherine West said...

I love to swim. Run or walk on the beach (that happens about once a year I'm sorry to say), read or watch a movie. That allows me to totally disengage from whatever I'm thinking about. Laughing is definitely good medicine and we should all do it more often. I'm not a real screamer, even watching my son play baseball, I'm just not into the sports side of things so you won't find me jumping up and down and yelling, but I can see how that would release tension. Going to games actually INCREASES my tension level!!
Fun post!

Anonymous said...

Really, I'm pretty quiet too, and since I am very visual I find that I need to change my scenery to relieve my tension. Sometimes even just a step outside for a little while makes a huge difference. I guess sometimes, when I feel like the walls are closing in (even imaginary ones), I need a wide open space to remind me that there is a bigger picture going on than the one I get consumed with.

Angela Breidenbach said...

Excellent ideas ladies! Thank you for sharing.