Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wit's End?

Sometimes we just get to our wit's end with people. Maybe it happens in long meetings or when we get tired of the discouraging nay-sayer. Sometimes we just get to our wit's end.

Thank God that He provides friends who listen.

I've found a wonderful resting place in friends who are willing to let me release my feelings. An ear to hear and an understanding heart works wonders on a worn out stressed brain. I feel so blessed to realize that God created friendship for just this purpose.

Friends are a resting place for our weariness. They are also the gift of comfort, the voice of reason and a superb celebration station!

But today, I celebrate that when I'm at my wit's end God has given me friends to rest my burdens and to help carry theirs.

Have you ever thought of your friends as a resting place?

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Catherine West said...

For sure. I'm also really blessed to have a sister that I can call my friend. She's a great listener and always has good advice for me, unfortunately we don't live in the same country!! My friends are my safety net in so many ways. Especially in my writing life when I've wanted to quit a hundred times over, they keep me going!