Tuesday, January 27, 2009

God is my market

Tuesdays with Tiffany
By Tiffany Colter

As I continue to build my writing business I have encountered a few different kinds of people. The one I'd like to hone in on today is Christians. I am a Christian and I know that there are times where we hold up our hands in frustration and want to scream "God, what in the world are you asking me to do?"

The trait that I'm noticing more and more is "Well, if God wants me to write He'll bring the projects my way."

Excuse my irreverence but that is like saying "If God wants me to give He'll cause my wallet to jump out of my pocket."

The reason I act so strongly to that statement is because most of the time when I am talking to someone and they say that they've done virtually NOTHING to improve their craft. They've submitted very few queries [if any at all] and they're "Waiting on God."

Anyone who knows me knows that I want to live a life of obedience that honors God. I also know that He knows how to get my attention. Once He told me to write I went full speed ahead except for the eight months when God CLEARLY told me to stop for a season.

Other than that I have taken classes, read books, written words, learned to market and any number of other skills to grow as a writer.

Spend time in His presence to find out if He wants you here...and if you know He does then get out there and do it. Even the Israelites in the desert had to walk out of their tent to collect the Manna God sent.

Do we think we should do any less?

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Cindy said...


How funny that I stumbled across this blog and here was the first post I see. I've seemed to notice a trend of new Christian authors held in a state of suspension while they wait for God to lead them to their next task.
I completely agree with what you say about spending time in God's presence to see where He's leading or if where you are where He wants you to be. But clearly our gift to write is something that was given by Him to pursue and, just like other gifts, it takes work. It might take sending a million queries or writing thirty manuscripts before the right one gets to the right place. But when it does, God will help show you it's right.
I still have to depend on Him so much to reassure me that I am going in the right direction with my own writing. But it's worth it.
Thanks for your post!