Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michelle Sutton, author of It's Not About Me.

by Molly Noble Bull

Molly: Today I am interviewing Michelle Sutton, my good friend and a fellow author. Michelle’s first novel, It’s Not About Me, has just been released. Okay Michelle, let’s get right to the big questions. Who is Michelle Sutton? What is your web address? And tell us about your online magazine.

Michelle: I’m an edgy Christian fiction author who loves to tell a story. I write YA fiction and Women’s fiction. My web address is
I am also Editor-in-chief of Christian Fiction Online Magazine, which was born July 1, 2008 and is an offshoot of the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. Both CFBA and CFOM promote Christian fiction by providing information and tours on the latest novels coming out in the Christian fiction world. See and

Molly: It’s Not About Me was written for teenagers. What made you decide to write for that age group?

Michelle: Actually the characters are 19, 20 and 23 so they aren’t exactly teens, but the story has a young adult voice. It just came out that way. There are few books for young adults in high school and college, so I am targeting that market, though I’ve had people as young as 9 and as old as 83 read my book. They say it has universal appeal in that as long as you remember being young and in love, you will enjoy it. You don’t have to be YA.

Molly: Tell us a little about your novel, introduce your characters and the main conflict or conflicts.

Michelle: This is a story about a young woman who is an only child and has great parents and a happy life. She was also blessed with good looks and a sharp mind. However, when a senseless attack happens to her (based on a real life event that happened to a friend of mine) her life is completely ripped apart. As a result of the attack her boyfriend of four years avoids her due to his guilt as he blames himself. But she is lonely so his older brother steps in to provide moral support and they develop feelings for each other. So she is confused due to split loyalties and the brothers’ relationship hits the rocks as they both love the same girl. The story is fast paced and loaded with conflict.

Molly: You are known for liking edgy fiction. Define edgy for us and tell why you feel comfortable writing on those topics.

Michelle: To me edgy is more than real life, it’s about dealing with subjects Christians tend to avoid in the church and at home. I enjoy writing about stuff that makes people evaluate who they are and what they believe by exposing the sin in our hearts, our need for a savior, and our longing for healing in our lives. Edgy fiction is about taking people through the trials and temptations and allowing them to make mistakes and have honest thoughts so that readers will see a bit of themselves in the characters’ lives. However, sin is never pointed at as something Christians should want to do, such as the world teaches, but sin is something best avoided, though it’s not easy to do. That’s the honest part. If it wasn’t tempting no one would ever sin.

Molly: What message or messages do you hope to send to your teenage readers? Will your future books be for teenagers? And what are some of your future titles?

Michelle: Actually, I wrote the entire Second Glances series three plus years ago. I’ve also written five full length, publishable women’s fiction titles. The YA books in the Second Glances series are; It’s NOT about Me (2008), It’s NOT about HIM (2009), and It’s NOT about HER. All but the last one has been contracted. If the first two do well the third book should release in 2010.

Molly: Thanks for sharing with us this month, Michelle. And to find Michelle’s book at an Internet bookstore, write Michelle Sutton in the search slot.

Next month historical author, Sharlene MacLaren, will pay us a visit.
See you then.

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