Sunday, January 18, 2009

What do you do if?

Sometimes we get the extra blessing of time. Sometimes we have an intense schedule and don't see a moment for any choice.

So let's just say you get a few minutes reprieve.

What would you do with it?

Now what if it were a few hours?

Take it one more step . . . an entire day?

I've heard quite a few people talk about their busy schedules becoming such a norm that when a little bit of free time presents itself, they don't know what to do.

I've experienced that myself. I'm so used to being busy that one day I stood in my living room and turned circles a couple of times in confusion. I suddenly had a cancellation, my entire family was gone for various events, and I had, ack, two hours of free time. Once I got passed the stunned feeling, I asked myself what I really wanted to do most.

Do you know, it actually took me several minutes to figure out? Sheesh.

So now I have a little list going for things I can do (that I really want to do) in the event of finding extra time that I didn't expect. Funny, I know, but for a busy woman it is necessary. And really, when you have a plan, the plan works. My list has several things of varying length. I've even included a hot bubble bath while reading a book!

Mainly, I carry around a couple of books for those times when I have to sit and wait in appointments or lines. (That's often how I get my book reviews and studying for research done.) It's easy to find a few lost minutes while you wait for an oil change, but not so easy if it isn't a habit. I feel better when I use my time wisely. I also really enjoy catching a few minutes of reading time, especially when the research or a new book fascinates me. Time passes so fast in the waiting ;-) I always wish I had more time to wait, lol.

It's those little things, those few moments when we feed our spirits that can be so restful as much as using our time wisely.

How do you deal with unexpected extra time?

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Catherine West said...

Free time?? Well, today I was pretty much tied to the house and I wound up wasting most of the day, which I feel badly about. I wrote for a little bit but I got overwhelmed thinking of all the things I could be doing and ended up doing none of them!! I'll be glad when we're all moved in and settled in the new house and I hope I'll feel more inspired to write. Because that's really what I should be doing with free time!