Tuesday, September 2, 2008

You have not been delayed

Tuesdays with Tiffany
By Tiffany Colter

Is it September already!!

I have enjoyed days where it wasn't so cold that my fingers hurt to type!! In less than 70 days there could be snow on the ground. Yuck!

Well, one thing I do like about the fall is the ACFW Writer's conference. Today I want to take a little different spin on the whole "Conference Prep thing." I want to talk about building your writing career if you are NOT going to a writer's conference soon.

Last year I told "My conference story". It was really a God word that He allowed me to share and if you'd like to read it you can by following this link.

What I want to talk about in this blog is what you CAN do when you feel like your writing career is stalled by your inability to network at a conference.

For years I was not able to attend a writer's conference. I had 3 young children at home and the cost of 2 in diapers, ear infections, ballet lessons and the growing pains that come with having a young child left us with very little extra money. The idea of spending over $1,000...well, there was NO way I could.

I was blessed, however, to have some alone time with God. During that time He reminded me that I was not being delayed; I was being prepared. There is a difference between the two and often times we forget that in our enthusiasm to "arrive". This isn't just in our writing; it is in every area of our lives. We want things to proceed on our timetable.

What I see now is I wasn't READY for a writer's conference all those other years. I lacked the maturity and professionalism-and the fortitude. All those years of delay I learned how to improve my craft and take a long term approach to my writing. I used to get so excited about WRITERS that I'd giggle at the idea of meeting one face to face. [Does that REALLY sound like a person who is ready to pitch to an editor/agent??]

I also built up MANY publishing credits in my articles. I was prepared with 2 full manuscripts that had been buffed and polished. I had learned a great deal from friends in ACFW, and I also got over my "groupie giggles".

And this year I have to miss again. While I had peace about it, I was disappointed until a few days ago when I was sitting at my computer and I suddenly thought about all I'd learned at the last two conferences. I realized that THIS year God was having me sit out on a conference that I REALLY wanted to attend because He wanted me to spend that time APPLYING what I'd already learned. Once I do that I can move to the next level in my writing and will-again-benefit from what I can learn at a conference.

So for all of you who feel you've been forgotten...you haven't been. God still has you on track.

And you haven't been delayed!

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter


Sharon said...

This was such a huge encouragement to me!Thanks so much for posting this.Blessings~Sharon G.

Anonymous said...

I appreciated your incite which said that you are not being delayed,you are being prepared. What a wonderful way to see waiting! I am enjoying your blog.

Angela Breidenbach said...

I'm hoping that the conferences I've been to will have me prepared, but I still feel like there is a need to continue in the preparations. I can look back and see stages. There are days I beat myself up thinking I should be further ahead than I am, but those days are the ones when I forget God is in charge and not me. Sometimes I just get too caught up in what I think should happen instead of continuing to work toward the goal. Conference or no conference, success in your goals come in working toward them every day. They don't come because you chose to go someplace. Success comes because when you DO go someplace, you have prepared for the trip.