Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why should I bother in this Economy?

I was reading an article yesterday on the changing economy of the publishing industry and the news doesn't look good.

Heads are rolling, companies are downsizing, advances are being questioned....bookstores are going bankrupt.

In this economy where the news screams fear and financial fallout why should we even try to write books? Will anyone want to read what we wrote? Is there any point at all?

These are reasonable questions to ask, however I think it is more important to ask a different set of questions:

Is it okay to watch the wind and waves rather than obey the voice of Jesus?
Is the book you're writing about your ego and pocketbook or about His ministry?
What is the point of what you write?

To be honest with you, despite the current circumstances, I'm encouraged. I've already seen what God can do with just a little bit of obedience. I've passed through an intense fire and realized all the things I wanted won't ever make me happy.

I realize I serve a God who fed a prophet in a drought with birds [1 Kings 17:1-6]
He gave a besieged city who was eating their babies food in abundance in 24 hrs [2 Kings 7]
He told a prophet to buy a piece of land during drought and the prophet received a 100 fold return in that same year

And I serve a God who is the same yesterday, today and forever

So instead of looking at what is raging around you spend time in God's presence and find out how to market and what story he has in your heart. It may be the book He gives you that touches the heart of a hurting person who doesn't realize that God even cares.

And in the spirit of marketing I am posting up a FULL NOVEL free on my new blog tiffanycolter.blogspot.com Go check it out and sign up to have each chapter delivered to you as I post it.


Catherine West said...

Awesome thoughts here, Tiffany and I look forward to reading your book!!

Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter said...

Thanks so much. I'm excited about posting the book. I can hardly wait until the first chapter goes up in 2 weeks.